Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More than just a cooking class...

A group of us got to take a cooking class at an amazing cooking school on the outskirts of Hanoi.
We got to make Hanoi style spring rolls, some fresh water fish, and brown sticky rice for dessert. But this place was more than just a cooking school...
Children with disabilities learning to embroider 

The building to the left is the cooking school and the one to the right the boys dorm.

Our group barging in on one of the cooking classes.

Students learning to serve.

It was a school to teach children with "hard situations" skills they could use to get jobs.  Disabled kids are taught to embroider or sew, kids without disabilities ( that have lost a parent, experienced a natural disaster, ect) are taught to cook and serve.  The school has become the top cooking school in Vietnam so many of the hotels, including the one I stayed at hire these children upon graduation.

 The school has become so popular that people now also pay tuition to go to the school.  It is $700 for one year including room and board or $200 a year.
Our teacher and her prize student introducing us to the spices.

One of our finished products.

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