Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fat Camp The Musical.

I have a confession...I really think one of my true callings in life is to open a high end "fat camp". I can't tell you all the details because I wouldn't want you to steal my idea but it will involve a high end chef, gorgeous dorm rooms (no bunks), nutritionists, sushi, trainers, yoga, kick boxing, and any other exercises fad that is in at the time.  So when Gilt City was selling tickets to a musical called Fat Camp I had to go...

IT WAS AMAZING, while the theatre was a bit budget the show was absolutely hilarious.  Do you remember the movie Heavy Weights?!?!?! This show was heavy weights for an older crowd with 10 times more laughs.  If you go see it please remember to tell "Harry Potter boy" that I love him!!

One last confession...I wasn't the only one counting down to the opening of this show.  One of my high school friends and I have an ongoing joke that when anyone asks where we met we tell them Fat Camp, and come up with some crazy story (a new one each time).


  1. Krissy and I are going to get tickets to go see this! I still can't believe you tell people you and your friend met at Fat Camp, that's great.

  2. Oh man I can only imagine how amazing this show is! So cool! Love the movie.