Saturday, February 25, 2012

Luang Prabang Morning Market

After morning alms we decided to head over to the local morning market... it was amazing, no tourist all locals doing their daily shopping.  The market opens early each morning and closes before noon...we were joking around that while all them men are out walking through the streets each morning be handed food (the monks morning alms) the women are hard at work selling in the market....

I think the only way to describe the market is using pictures...

Fish with a side of dried rat for dinner tonight?

Some tropical flowers.

As fresh as chicken and meat can get...

Correction...this is as fresh as chicken can get.

A bucket of live frogs next to a bucket of the cooked frogs.


mmmm anyone want a cockroach and tomato salad?

These actually looked delish

Noodles in front of a temple.

Local fruits.

A local man proud of his fish.

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