Thursday, February 2, 2012

After Reading "White Girl Problems"....


Now that I have finished the second funniest book I've ever read (later post to come on the funniest) I decided I should post some of my own white girl problems. For those of you that don't know what white girl problems are you can go on Babe Walker's website and read some chapters.

Some of my white girl problems...

  • I scheduled my grocery delivery for a before work time slot 6am-8am it came at 8:05am and threw off my whole day.
  • The couple next to me on the way to work insists on making out EVERY MORNING...Don't they know its too early for PDA, I may have to head in to work on the next train to avoid them.
  • I always forget to sign up a few days before my favorite cycling class so it fills up and I get wait listed....maybe they should invest in more bikes, or set me up so I'm automatically added.
  • My favorite sushi place forgot the toro, and instead of sending the delivery guy back out with my favorite peace of sushi they wanted to give me a credit

...I'd love to hear yours

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