Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THE Cookie Cake....

To make this cake I made two round 9 inch cakes (recipe to be posted later this week).  For the cookies I used the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe.  In the middle is a layer of AMAZING buttercream frosting and no bake cookie dough (recipes to be posted later this week)
The mess...in my mom's kitchen (always better there than my own)

Spreading the cake into the pans!

Always necessary when my sister is around.

No bake cooke dough for the center.

The assembly (after freezing the cakes to make the frosting process easier).

Ready to eat.
My only improvement to this cake would be...more cookie dough in the middle. Other than that it was perfect.

1 comment:

  1. This cake looks AMAZING! I can't wait to see the recipe and try it myself.

    Non bake cookie dough, why didn't someone think of this sooner?!