Monday, July 23, 2012

Restaurant Week...Part 1 NYC

Last Monday, the 16th started NYC's Summer Restaurant Week, its actually more than a week long, ends August 10th.  Since I have two more weeks of my life revolving around reservations and food, I figured my blog should also follow suit, so each of my next posts I will choose a different city around the world and highlight some of my favorite restaurants/plates in that city.  Today, the greatest city in the world...New York.

Sushi of Gari this actually may be my all time favorite restaurant in NY.  Most sushi places its just about the grade of fish, but here the sushi chefs are just that, "chefs" they use sauces, searing and vegetables to make the most amazing meal you'll ever have.  When you go you have to do the chef's tasting menu, the salmon with sauteed tomatoes is absolutely to die for .  While it may a bit on the expensive its well worth it. They aren't participating in restaurant week but I'd still suggest making your way over.

Il Mulino amazing staple NYC Italian food.  It may be a bit on the expensive side but its just too good to avoid.  Favorite dish is the Scaloppine De Vitella Al Champange. Its veal sauteed in chicken, champagne and vegetable, mushroom and prosciutto. They are participating in restaurant week but only for lunch.  Make a reservation ASAP.

Flex Mussels I actually ate here on Friday.  This place is great for groups, when we go everyone gets a different pot of mussels and we just keep getting endless amounts of bread to throw in each other's pots and sop up the mussel juice. Friday I got the french onion soup mussels, which were amazing but I also have to recommend the parma mussels a guilty pleasure where the sauce is made with cheese and cream.  You also cannot pass up the dessert, the donuts are light fluffy and there are tons a flavors to choose from, and the fried whoopee pie is a must!

There are so many good restaurants in NY I think I'm going to have to start posting one a week before this post gets too long.


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