Sunday, January 6, 2013

My first Madrid post....better late than never.

Graduating my TEFL Course
Between my month long intensive course to get certified to teach English and the holidays I have been seriously MIA.  But I have a lot to tell you friends, new places I've traveled and lots of new stories.  So don't you worry I am getting back into the groove of posting again.

My month long class was amazing there were eight of us in our group and it was an awesome group to say the least. During the four weeks it took for me to get my TEFL certificate I got to teach 6 classes.  Coming from a finance background this was an interesting experience but it was amazing.  All my classes were adults and they ranged from beginners to high intermediate business English.

The first class I taught was a intermediate business class.  I was teaching them about "small talk" what it was and topics that are acceptable for the work place.  I asked the students to give me topics they thought were acceptable and not acceptable and I would write them on the board.  The first unacceptable topic I was give was "aids" I thought it was odd for the first answer but it was a good answer so I wrote it on the board. All the students started hysterically laughing....she had said "age" but I misunderstood.  Opps.

Later this week I'll tell you about the "shitting" incident in class, share some pics and maybe some new years resolutions .

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