Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Infamous No Pants Incident...

This story may have happened over a year ago but it is honestly the best example of how hectic my life can get...

I woke up in the morning and in my frenzy of trying to get out the door for work I threw on a pair of ultra sheer stockings, a shirt, sweater, shoes, grabbed my purse and ran out the door.  As soon as the door slammed behind me I knew I forgot something... my keys (nothing new...the doorman was used to me coming down 2-3 times a week for a set of keys)  but this time was not as typical on my way down from the fourteenth floor a little girl being taken to school by her father... said "daddy, why doesn't that girl have pants on?!?!?"  OMGGG not only had i forgotten my keys but also my pants...that girl probably saved my life I honestly think if no one said anything I could have ended up at work (in my male driven finance industry job) PANTS LESS

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  1. I thought about this incident yesterday morning when I was getting dressed and only had my stockings and dress shirt on running around my apartment eating breakfast and doing my hair....Cracked me up.. but don't worry, I followed through with eventually putting my skirt on! haha